We make carpets only from 100% pure wool, woven to our specifications, using hand-tufting technology. This technology enables a wide choice of carpet sizes and designs, to create a carpet especially to suit your interiors. We can create cut pile and loop style carpets, with carpet cut pile height variable from 12mm to 45mm. If your preferred carpet colour is not already included in our palette of over 120 standard colours, we can dye the pure wool to that colour which your interior designer needs to create the perfect carpet for you. These examples of some of our work show the limitless styles and design solutions which our carpets can help you implement.


Adam Design
This Sova carpet was created to complete Adam Design's high quality interior design work in a flat in the Anjou residence.  The unique, yet simple and very high quality interior design  is evident from many of the details in this flat.  These photos, taken by Péter Székely and created with the help of one of our interior stylists, appeared in an issue of the "Szép Házak" magazine. 




Art Deco
A Sova carpet completes Viktoria Lang's elegant art deco interior, the carpet color perfectly enhancing the interior's design.  We designed this carpet especially to reflect the design patterns which appear on the wallpaper and on the glass wall fencing for the stairs.  Those patterns are repeated throughout the length of this entire carpet.



A Luxury Home's Carpets
The client visited us with a clear design idea in mind: the client had place a favorite carpet in the space between the pool and the entrance to the garage, which was too small for that space.  So, we designed and created a complementary frame around her favorite carpet, which we then sewed together into a single, new carpet.  This resolved not only the practical, size problem but also resulted in a creative new form and style for that space.

The dining room carpet was designed especially for the size of the dining table and eight chairs, with the carpet's color matching the color detail of the metal and stone in the dining room.

The client wanted a bedroom carpet with a rose design which she created.  By drawing her rose on the carpet's visible edge, we gave her design a gentle yet visibly dominant appearance.   We then rounded the corner of the carpet to further enhance her rose.




Petra Nikolettai,  interior designer, needed to design an carpet to match the wallpaper of the interior, and we were pleased to support her in this process.  The unusual color combination was created with great care and attention to detail, at Petra's request creating several smaller colour samples of this carpet in the interest of achieving the perfect final product.  The result is a space with a calming mood.



Our co-operation with Bambuszmánia resulted in the creation of this unusual carpet.  Eszter Bujdoso, interior designer, wanted to create a particularly novel textile patchwork feeling in on the walls and in this entire room.  Only a Sova carpet could meet that need.  Using our color creation process, we worked with Eszter to create the two new turquoise shades she needed and then dyed our quality wool in those shades.  Of course, our colour palette now includes these two lovely shades as well.



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